Only You – “The Pressure” & “Let Me Burn”

Here we have two new songs from Only You, the project of California-based singer Rachel Fannan. She only has one other little-known single to her name so far, but based on the strength of these tracks, that won’t be the case for long. Her voice is a towering, exquisite masterpiece; it occupies these songs wholly, imbuing them with the power of centuries worth of heartbreak, all wrapped up into a single wailed cry. “The Pressure” and “Let Me Burn” serve as flip sides of the same coin. The former is a heavy, restless track that builds from a beginning that pulsates with the twangy melancholy of an old Spaghetti western. “Came from the smoke rings around your hair, worn like a crown of humble despair,” goes the massive climax. “Let Me Burn” wallows in dusty remorse, a slow-dance number for anyone who feels like their heart has been ripped out of their chest. “When I’m feelin’ low — and, honey, you know I feel so low, living around without you/ And my poor heart, it can’t seem to unwind/ And so I hit that wax, let me burn. One more time, let me burn.” This pair of tracks is timeless, a penance at the altar of great love and great loss. Listen below.

“The Pressure” and “Let Me Burn” are available as a free download in exchange for an email address as part of Hit City U.S.A.’s For Immediate Release single series.

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