Lxury – “Square 1″ (Feat. Deptford Goth) Video

Lxury is a young London dance producer with Disclosure affiliations, and we’ve posted his tracks “Pick You Up” and “Let Down.” On his new single “Square 1,” he joins forces with the downcast singer/producer Deptford Goth for a hard-thumping but atmospheric dance-pop jam. The song’s got a strangely hypnotic animated video from director Mau Morgo. It shows us CGI hands doing sign-language dances and twisting themselves up into impossible pretzels, and according to the YouTube description, it’s “an homage to the narrative we find in African funeral rituals, where the relationship between dead and alive is made through and dance not words.” Check it out below.

The “Square 1″ single is out now on Greco-Roman.