EULA – “Noose” Video

We first heard EULA’s enormous single “Noose” a few weeks ago, and James wrote about the way in which the Brooklyn-based band manages to formulate a sound so dark and fearsome that it somehow becomes inviting. It’s true that EULA’s music is incredibly evocative, but it’s not catchy. It’s hard to point to what exactly makes me want to listen to this track repeatedly, but I suspect that it has something to do with Alyse Lamb’s enchanting vocal performance, which guides you into EULA’s intense and intimidating universe. The video for “Noose,” directed by Jason Shelton, is just as appealing. Saturated Kodachrome footage fragmented into an incoherent experiment in magical realism, it’s as multi-layered as the explanation behind EULA’s appeal. Watch below.

Wool Sucking is out 3/3 via Famous Swords/Mirror Universe.