Watch First Aid Kit Play Graham Norton

Swedish folk rock duo First Aid Kit have proven that their music is fit for both talk shows and backwoods alike, so it’s no surprise that their breezy take on American roots music translates effortlessly to The Graham Norton Show. The backdrop of cherry blossoms and string lights is perfectly suited to the Söderberg sisters’ lush new single “Master Pretender,” from 2014’s excellent Stay Gold. Johanna and Klara take turns singing the verses, but it’s their finely layered harmonies that lend the song its triumphant melancholy. Of course, it doesn’t hurt the folk-rock bombast that their band is complete with two drum sets, steel guitar, mandolin, saxophone, flute, and the sisters on keyboard and guitar. Afterwards, they have a brief but endearing chat with Norton, humbly tracing back their love for Americana and laughing off fellow guest Rob Delaney’s giddy admiration. Watch their performance below.