Cyberbully Mom Club – “Bobby Pins” Video

Since we named Cyberbully Mom Club a Band To Watch back in September, they’ve put out another EP and started work on a full-length album, all while occasionally sharing demos over on their Soundcloud. “Bobby Pins” is one of those demos, and the band has put together an impromptu video of all their friends hanging out and dancing to go along with it. And even though the video’s a ton of fun, the song has the understated brilliance and sweet melancholy of the rest of CBMC’s oeuvre. “I guess what’s fucked is that I’m learning to love me, but I feel like I need someone to do that for me,” Shari Heck begins. “It’s always late when I hear my mother crying, she tells me about her nightmares where I’m dying.” Check it out below.

Cyberbully Mom Club’s music is available to download here.