Stream Trust Fund No One’s Coming For Us

Trust Fund are a Bristol band who make fast, jittery, joyous indie-pop. Their music has a sloppy lo-fi edge to it, but that doesn’t sound like an aesthetic choice; it sounds like they felt like they had to get their music out so quickly and urgently that sloppy lo-fi was their only option. The band first came to our attention when they released a split 7″ with Joanna Gruesome, and we’ve posted their low-budget videos for “Essay To Write” and “Cut Me Out” — the latter of which was filmed at a doggie day-care and may be the cutest thing ever. The band’s driving, tuneful, heartfelt debut album No One’s Coming For Us is out next week, and you can stream it below.

(via Noisey)

No One’s Coming For Us is out 2/9 on Reeks Of Effort/Turnstile.

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