Watch Run The Jewels Discuss Controversial Political Issues With Kids

Killer Mike and El-P have taken their collaboration as Run The Jewels and turned it into a force of nature. Aside from the fact that RTJ2 was the best album of 2014, lately they’ve become role models we look to for cultural commentary. From their Ask A Grown Man interview with Rookie to the hilarious, real Meow The Jewels side project, the duo’s reach has surpassed even their excellent music. Killer Mike has spoken out on several occasions against the wave of police brutality that swept through the second half of last year, contextualizing the politics of those situations in a way that is nothing short of brilliant. Most recently, Mike and El-P swung by Graffiti’s SWAG Shop in Atlanta to talk shop with some kids, addressing political issues with the kind of aplomb, humor, and wisdom we’ve come to expect from them. Plus, watching the way these kids interact with your favorite rapper is just cute as hell. They dub the conversation “Barbershop Talk” — see for yourself below.