Watch R.E.M.’s Mike Mills Sing In A Conscious Rap Video About The Death Of Newspapers

Last year the comedy-and-music benefit compilation 2776 enlisted a host of celebrity guests to help raise money for OneKid OneWorld, an organization that works to promote education in Kenya and El Salvador. Today, the group debuted two new videos from the album, one of which is called “Stop The Presses,” and offers a tongue-in-cheek critique of the fall of print journalism and iconic comic strips of yore. R.E.M.’s Mike Mills features prominently in the clip, decrying print’s demise and providing the song’s hook. Choice lines from the rap section of the track include, “What’s black and white and UN-read all over?” — the forlorn, neglected newspaper of course. Watch the parody video below and look for other recognizable collaborators (including co-creator Stephen Levinson who also happens to be an old Stereogum commenter).