Download Your Old Droog Kinison Mixtape

Last year, a mysterious rapper named Your Old Droog came out of nowhere with a self-titled mixtape. He sounded so much like Illmatic-era Nas that people thought it really was Nas, rapping under a Clockwork Orange-inspired pseudonym. Well, no, as it turns out, Your Old Droog is just some white guy from Coney Island. He can rap, though! Droog just released a new mixtape called Kinison, and it’s got songs named after Sonic Youth, Pornos For Pirates, and Rage Against The Machine. He doesn’t rap over distorted guitars (thank goodness) (except for when he hijacks the Beastie Boys’ “Pass The Mic” instrumental), but he does make fun of people for listening to Incubus. His tracks are nicely dusted approximations of mid-’90s New York rap, and he raps with such rhythmic presence that it’s possible to forgive him his deeply goofy punchlines. You can check out the whole tape below.

Download Kinison at Soundcloud.