Watch Fans Beat Up A Heckler At A Ghostface Killah Show

If you’re making a list of good places to start shit, “Ghostface/Raekwon performance at an Amarillo, Texas tattoo convention” should probably be somewhere down near the bottom of the list. At a recent show, someone had to figure that out the hard way. Rae and Ghost were onstage at an Amarillo convention when Ghost got in a fan’s face and threatened to “pound [him] out,” saying that the guy had been flipping him out all night. Wu-Tang fans are nothing if not famous, and a bunch of randoms immediately started punching this guy from every angle while Ghost yelled “thank you.” If anything, it’s a reassuring reminder that a Wu-Tang show can still be a dangerous place to be. Watch a fan-made video below.

Rae and Ghost will be onstage together at Coachella in a couple of months. Maybe something like this will happen there, too!