Makthaverskan – “Witness”

Last year, Run For Cover reissued Swedish quintet Makthaverskan’s sophomore album, Makthaverskan II, a record that manages to sound deafening and intimidating without trampling the lyricism that makes their music so heart-wrenching. “Fuck you for fucking me when I was seventeen/ You knew it all the time/ You never loved me you wanted to own me,” Maja Milner sings on the album’s single, “No Mercy.” Makthaverskan will follow up their U.S. debut with a brand new 7″, “Witness” being the A-side. On “Witness,” Milner lacks some of the crystalline enunciation that slices through Makthaverskan II’s glowering instrumentals, but that doesn’t make her performance any less powerful. If anything, “Witness” sounds even bigger than the band’s prior releases. Cavernous. Kneeling at the altar of Siouxsie And The Banshees’ 1981 album Juju, it’s an echo-chamber of wailing frustration. Listen below.

The 7″ will be out on Record Store Day (4/18) in the U.S. via Run For Cover and 3/3 in Scandinavia via Luxury.