Death – “Look At Your Life”

Death occupy a puzzling slot in the patchwork of modern music history. When the Detroit band’s early-’70s recordings were rediscovered decades later, the songs sounded anachronistically punk, despite the genre being in its blastula stage at the time. Drag City’s 2009 release of Death’s primitive output helped bring the band to the public’s ear, and a 2012 documentary solidified their fabled reputation. By then, the band had lost one of its pillars — guitarist and creative force David Hackney — to cancer, but the surviving members (David’s brothers, Bobby and Dannis) charged on. Today, it seems they’ve charged directly into the future with “Look At Your Life,” a blistering new single from an upcoming Death LP titled, appropriately, N.E.W. It recalls the Motor City fury of those once-buried tapes, especially the syncopated clamor of “Politicians In My Eyes.” Listen below.

N.E.W. is out 4/21 via Drag City. Pre-order it here.

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