Vince Staples – “Screen Door” Video

Last year, the enormously promising young Long Beach rapper Vince Staples released his Hell Can Wait EP, his-first ever major-label effort, and it was great — as in, one of the best rap records of the year. Staples is planning to release his first proper album Summertime in July, but before that, he’s got a new video for the Hell Can Wait track “Screen Door.” It’s like a lot of rap videos in that it follows Staples as he walks through a run-down neighborhood, rapping at a camera. But it’s not like a lot of rap videos in that it’s an eerie extended allegory, with doors to nowhere and zombified young men sitting around and staring at nothing. Spike Jordan and C. Blacksmith directed the video, and you can watch it below.

Hell Can Wait is out now on Def Jam.