Watch Substitute Talk Show Host John Mayer Interview Katy Perry’s Super Bowl Sharks And Cover “Lilac Wine” With John Legend

Though it’s sometimes hard for me to take him seriously, John Mayer was a surprisingly good substitute host for the Late Late Show, kicking things off by mocking his status as a “substitute teacher” for the show. Tapping into the idea that subs always play a movie, he pretended to put on a VHS (!!) of Predator 2 instead of actually hosting the episode. From there, he compared and contrasted the iPhone habits of dads and single people, hung out with Andy Cohen, interviewed Katy Perry’s dancing Super Bowl show sharks, and continued to make fun of himself quite a bit. You can watch the whole episode below.

For the musical portion of the show, Mayer enlisted the inimitable John Legend for a joint performance of “Lilac Wine.” The Nina Simone and Jeff Buckley versions of this song are iconic, but Legend and Mayer do a great job with it, too.