Madonna – “Living For Love” Video

After a calamitous months-early leak and a truly messy marketing rollout, the new Madonna album Rebel Heart is coming out next month, and she’s just now unveiling the video for “Living For Love,” the house-inflected first single. J.A.C.K. directed the video, and it stars Madonna as a matador and a bunch of muscled-up dancers as bulls. They wear bondage outfits and rhinestone masks and horns, and all of it is just commendably ridiculous, especially when Madonna starts making out with bulls. The resulting video will not replace “Borderline” in your heart anytime soon, but it’s fun on an extremely campy level. It ends with a quote by Nietzsche, whose name is misspelled. The video debuted on Snapchat (!) yesterday, but you can watch it below.

Rebel Heart is out 3/10.

Tags: J.A.C.K., Madonna