Tegan And Sara Will Perform At The Oscars With The Lonely Island

The Grammys may be just around the corner, but the Oscars are almost here, too. To remind us of that, the Academy added two performers to the bill today. Remember that insanely catchy bit of day-glo pop that Tegan And Sara and the Lonely Island concocted for The Lego MovieEverything Is AWESOME!!!“? Of course you do, it sticks in your brain like bubble gum on the bottom of a classroom desk, and also, it has weird rapping from Andy Samberg, three exclamation points and a choral section (because why not?) and it was nominated for an Oscar. Well, what could befit the grandeur and political correctness of the Academy more than this pastiche, feel-good pop collab? Apparently nothing. Tegan And Sara announced on their site today that the groups will reunite to perform it at the awards show in a few weeks on February 22. There was a general outcry of indignation when The Lego Movie was snubbed in every category except that of Best Original Song nomination, so perhaps this is their attempt to remedy that? You can listen to the song below to refresh your memory.