Erase Errata – “History of Handclaps” Video

Erase Errata’s new video for their Lost Weekend track, “History of Handclaps” has the San Francisco-based trio brightening up an empty gallery with a bizarre array of household odds-and-ends. Director Lauryn Siegel layers patterns and textures for a visual that’s as bewilderingly fun as the marriage of post-punk guitars and flailing trumpet. It’s a playful, messy video to match the song’s jagged energy. Who knew cleaning supplies could make such great decor? Read Siegel’s artist statement and watch the video below.

The video is a madcap homage to Fluxus performance events such as Yoko Ono’s famous cut piece, No Wave-era zero budget films and the tension of minimalism and maximalism intermingling in our product saturated digital lives. It speaks to where the band has been as proto post-punk pioneers who were influenced by the true analog greats of the 70s, 80s and 90s, but also where they are going as modern women working, having kids and continuing to make music in an age in which we must all fight for attention. Most of all it’s a commitment to the notion that rock music is ultimately about FUN.

Lost Weekend is out now via Under The Sun. You can buy it here.