Tkay Maidza – “M.O.B.”

“M.O.B.” — short for “Money Over Bitches” — first showed up on Tkay Maidza’s promising debut mixtape, Switch Tape, and it’s now getting the single treatment. Outside the context of a 30+ minute Soundcloud mix, the track shines even brighter. It’s a glassy blend of rap and modern pop, showing off Maidza’s rhythm and the magic she can work with a good sample. “It’s about the present me talking to the future me about what I want to be and hoping I achieve it,” she revealed to Buzzfeed. “The money over bitches sample is open to interpretation but to me it actually means working hard over the ‘bitches’ in life whether that’s your mental struggles, people or whatever else.” Listen to it below.

(via Buzzfeed)

Tkay Maidza’s debut Switch Tape is out now.

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