Tairiq & Garfield – “Hood Low”

“Hood Life” is the opening track on Tairiq & Garfield’s debut release Childhood Swing and, as an intro to the production team, it’s pretty effective. It sputters to life with a dystopian voice memo, which gradually gives way to a beat that sound a little bit like a digitized burp, a brittle and irregular bass-heavy pulse. The twin brother duo cite “science fiction and computational funk” as inspirations, and those vibes are strong on “Hood Life.” They also happen to be the sons of a founding member of ’90s R&B group Shai (probably best known for “If I Ever Fall In Love“) and a Ruthless Records rapper, but their brand of cyber-techno is a far cry from either one. Listen below.

Childhood Swing is out 2/24 via Software.