Watch Hundred Waters’ Luminous Letterman Performance

Hundred Waters were supposed to make their network TV debut on the Late Show With David Letterman last year, but a massive snowstorm kept both them and tourmates Interpol stranded in Buffalo. Last night, the band got a chance to make it up, and they took that chance and ran with it. Playing “Cavity,” from last year’s The Moon Rang Like A Bell, they sounded absolutely gorgeous, and singer Nicole Miglis looked close to tears the whole time she was onstage. She also wore an amazing full-body sweater jumpsuit thing that made it look like she’d killed and skinned a mythical snow monster. Maybe she was worried about the snow coming back? I am intensely jealous of that whole sweater situation. It looks like the most comfortable thing ever created. Watch the performance below.

The Moon Rang Like A Bell is out now on OWSLA.