Lana Del Rey – “Brooklyn Baby (Richard X Remix)”

Lana Del Rey came by much of her pop stardom in a weird ass-backwards way, thanks to a cheese-house “Summertime Sadness” remix that sounded nothing like the rest of her music. This isn’t that. Richard X is a whip-smart British producer, a guy who started out making mash-ups during the first wave of that and went on to make great songs with Annie and Kelis and the Sugababes, among others. He’s now taken a crack at “Brooklyn Baby,” from LDR’s great 2014 album Ultraviolence. his version sounds nothing like the album version, of course, but it’s a good one, piled high with gleaming ’80s synths and sounding like a sleek and beautiful spaceship. Listen to it below.

Ultraviolence is out now on Interscope, and it continues to rule.