Bobby Brackins – “My Jam” (Feat. Zendaya & Jeremih)

One of my favorite songwriting maneuvers is the song-about-the-song. It’s practically a whole subgenre of songwriting, and who doesn’t love that meta feeling of vibing to a song that’s ostensibly about a totally different one? The new Bobby Brackins track “My Jam” falls into this category, and it’s also about to be one of those songs you hear everywhere. Keep in mind that Bobby Brackins helped write both Chris Brown’s “Loyal” and Tinashe’s “2 On,” so he’s already proved his ability to create the kind of song that makes me want to dance like I’m at an open bar even though I’m sitting in a grubby midtown office.

Over production from Dem Jointz, Zendaya kicks the song off (and almost steals the show) by rapping the first verse and then gliding right into her huge honey-sweet hook — the hook that makes this song the jam it is. Is she next in line to ascend from teenybopper to Actual Pop Star a la Ariana Grande? Possibly, because hopping on this track is one of the second great career decision she’s made. (Leaving the doomed, dismal Aaliyah Lifetime biopic was the first). Brackins raps in a raspy West Coast slouch about how he wants the song louder, and he has that charming Bay Area affability that makes you want to oblige him. As if these two weren’t enough on their own, “My Jam” also features a slick Jeremih cameo, and the fact that he’s the least interesting part of the song is only because Brackins and Zendaya’s performances are so enjoyable. I’m hoping this gets a video ASAP. Listen below.

(via Jezebel)