iLoveMakonnen Lines Up Drake, Rihanna, Diplo, Skrillex For Debut LP

iLoveMakonnen is one of the most compelling artists coming out of Atlanta’s newest wave of culture-defying hip-hop, and ever since Drake hopped on a remix of his weekday ode “Tuesday” and signed him to OVO, Makonnen’s star continues to rise. Proof? “Tuesday” was nominated for a Grammy for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration. And while he didn’t win, Makonnen was on the red carpet Sunday evening and spoke to MTV News about the details of his debut album, which might be here as early as summer:

“It should be out in like June or July-ish, but I’m going on a tour starting in April so I’m working on that right now.”

He’s lined up some huge names to participate, too:

“A lot of different artists… Diplo, Skrillex, DJ Snake, Snoop Dogg, Drake of course, Rihanna. I love Rihanna!”

Listening to Makonnen’s prolific output, it’s clear that he’s fine on his own, but getting a list of names that long certainly bodes well for the album. We’ll see if it actually arrives by summertime — when does a hip-hop album ever come out on time anymore, especially when the artist has tour responsibilities? — but the anticipation is definitely building.

[Photo via iLoveMakonnen’s Twitter.]