Watch Courtney Love Talk Montage Of Heck, Drugs, & Dave Grohl On Letterman

Courtney Love guested on Letterman last night to chat about her debut appearance on the show Empire, which will air tonight. Of course, talking to Courtney Love about starring on a television show is like asking someone to tell you about their work day in great detail. It’s boring, and no one really cares. Letterman did ask Love about her past drug addiction, which to be honest seems like a dated topic of conversation, but she handles it graciously and comments on the way Buddhist meditation helped her quit. The two also discussed Love’s surprising ceasefire with Dave Grohl: “Me and Dave Grohl… we had some gnarly times over 25 years. If we can make up, anyone can.” When the topic of Frances Bean Cobain surfaces, Love gives a positive and fairly candid review of the Kurt Cobain documentary Montage Of Heck, for which Frances Bean served as a producer. Watch the interviews below.

On drugs:

On Dave Grohl and Montage Of Heck: