Chris Weisman – “Backpack People”

Chris Weisman can write a sleepy earworm like no other. The Brattleboro, Vermont-based musician sculpts the kind of whimsical songs that find their way into your subconscious and resurface at odd moments. His subject matter is never weighty or confessional, instead focusing on everyday objects, relics of our mundane daily lives. Weisman will release his new album, The Holy Life That’s Coming, at the end of the month, and we premiered the first single “Don’t Be Slow” back in January. It’s possible to listen to “Backpack People” and philosophize the song’s content into oblivion, but it’s just as enjoyable to put it on loop and let Weisman’s idiosyncratic songwriting burrow its way into your memory. Listen below.

The Holy Life That’s Coming is out 2/26 via NNA Tapes.