Watch Babes In Toyland’s First Concert In 13 Years

The seminal ’90s grunge affiliates Babes In Toyland played their first show in 13 years last night at a small venue called Pappy & Harriet’s in Palm Springs. The band played for 50 minutes in the tiny bar, which has a maximum capacity of 224 people. Check out Andrea Swensson’s review of the show over at The Current, and watch Babes In Toyland rip through their setlist in order below.

Watch Babes In Toyland's First Concert In 13 Years

“Jungle Train”

“He’s My Thing”


“Oh Yeah”

“Spit To See The Shine”

“Bruise Violet”

“Right Now”

“Swamp Pussy”

“Won’t Tell”



“Handsome & Gretel”

“Sweet ’69”

[Photos by Billy Briggs/the Current]