Nai Harvest – “Sick On My Heart”

We made the fuzzed-out, amped-up British punk duo Nai Harvest a Band To Watch last year on the strength of their propulsive, jangled Hold Open My Head EP. They’ve been cranking out new music at a furious pace since then, and they’ve already announced the impending release of Hairball, their sophomore album. “Sick On My Heart,” that album’s first single, is a furious blast of tuneful effects-pedal riffage. The band is cut from the same cloth as fellow ’90s-damaged punkers like Japandroids and Male Bonding, and I’m fully expecting this album to be a lot of fun. Listen to “Sick On My Heart” and check out the “Hairball” tracklist below.

01 “Spin”
02 “Sick On My Heart”
03 “All The Time”
04 “Drinking Bleach”
05 “Melanie”
06 “Buttercups”
07 “Ocean Of Madness”
08 “Dive In”
09 “Gimme Gimme”
10 “Hairball”

Hairball is out 4/28 on Topshelf.

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