Stream Adventures Supersonic Home

Pittsburgh’s Adventures will release their debut LP, Supersonic Home, early next week, and we heard the album’s first sticky and honest single, “Your Sweetness,” in December of last year. Today, the band is streaming Supersonic Home in full, a little less than a week premature of its release date. The album in its entirety maintains all of the same roaring appeal heard on “Your Sweetness,” but Adventures don’t hesitate to turn down the volume occasionally in favor of small, quieter moments. Songs like “Heavenly” and “Long Hair” nudge the band’s open-faced lyrics forward, while others like “Dream Blue Haze” submerge them in the kind of lush, layered arrangements that propelled Pity Sex to the forefront of Run For Cover’s roster in 2013. It’s no surprise that the two bands released a split together in 2014. Listen to Supersonic Home below.

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