Chilly Gonzales – “Freudian Slippers”

Musical genius Chilly Gonzales has been blessing us with his pop music master classes, and he’s also been busy collaborating with artists like Daft Punk, Jamie Lidell and Drake. But this year he’ll finally release a new album of his own: Chambers will be out 3/24.

The follow-up to 2012’s Solo Piano II, the album seeks to “re-imagines Romantic-era chamber music as today’s addictive pop,” and given the ingenuity of Gonzales’ pop master classes, it will probably succeed. It is an album for piano and string quartets that incorporates rap, ambient, and avant-garde elements. Plus, Chilly himself penned a short note of intention and dedication for each song which can all be read here. For our first taste of the record, he has shared “Freudian Slippers,” which might be the most cleverly-named pun-as-song-title I’ve yet to encounter. You can stream the song at SoundCloud and check out the full tracklist below.

Chambers tracklist:

01 “Prelude To A Feud”
02 “Advantage Points”
03 “Sweet Burden”
04 “Green’s Leaves”
05 “Freudian Slippers”
06 “Solitaire”
07 “Odessa”
08 “Sample This”
09 “The Difference”
10 “Cello Gonzales”
11 “Switchcraft”
12 “Myth Me”

Chambers is out 3/24. Pre-order it here.