David Pajo Shares Thumbs Up From Hospital After Suicide Attempt

Dave Pajo is the former Slint guitarist who has also played with groups like the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Zwan, Interpol, Will Oldham, and Stereolab, and who’s also released solo records under monikers like Papa M and Aerial M. Last night, he tried to take his own life. He posted a harrowing suicide note, addressed to his ex-wife, on his blog and a portrait of her on Instagram, and he reportedly attempted to hang himself. The story is a little hazy now, but it appears that Pajo may have been saved by fans who saw the note, shared it on Steve Albini’s Electrical Audio message board, and contacted authorities and Pajo’s family. Today, Pajo posted something else on Instagram: A photo of himself giving a thumbs-up from a hospital bed. It’s a happy ending to a sad and terrifying story, and here’s hoping he finds help and gets through what he’s going through.