Watch Damien Jurado Lecture A Chatty Concertgoer In Kalamazoo

It’s always annoying when you’re at a show and the people around you seem to be more interested in talking to each other than paying attention to what’s happening on stage. And I can imagine it’s even worse for the performer, who is trying to concentrate and basically do his or her job. As MLive reports, Damien Jurado called out a chatty concertgoer for doing just that during a set in Kalamazoo, Michigan last night. “The best way for me to do my job is to be not distracted by your talking. If you want to talk there’s lots of room and people out there talking, but this is not the place to do it, OK?” he began. “You’re welcome to stay. you can do whatever the hell you want, you paid 40 bucks for these tickets — great. But my job is to sit here and play music. I love to do it.” Watch video below.