Stream Screaming Females Rose Mountain

There’s a decent chance that the New Jersey punk rock power trio Screaming Females is the best rock band in the world right now, or anyway the best this side of the reactivated Sleater-Kinney. The band’s last album, 2012’s Steve Albini-recorded Ugly, was a searing blast of basement-punk intensity. On their new album Rose Mountain, though, the band takes on another role, that of classic-rock world-wreckers. The songs on Rose Mountain are built on huge, turbocharged riffs and monumental choruses, and the whole thing absolutely kicks ass from beginning to end. We’ve already heard many of its songs: “Wishing Well,” “Ripe,” “Empty Head,” “Criminal Image,” and live videos of “Ripe” and “It’s Not Fair.” Even if you’ve heard all those songs, though, it’s overwhelming to hear the whole album all at once. And you can hear it right now at NPR. So do that.

Rose Mountain is out 2/24 on Don Giovanni.