Win Butler Mashes Up Kanye & Beck On “Jesus Walks, Loser”

Ah, the never-ending string of Grammys-related-content has not come to an end yet, and since whenever Kanye West does anything it becomes a cultural focal point, the latest dispatch involves him again, too. Yes, Kanye pretended to go onstage when Beck won, and later commented that — once again — Beyoncé deserved to win instead. Clever internet users ran with the situation and gave us a Beckyonce mashup of “Loser” and “Single Ladies.” But it won’t stop there, now that a musician (and Album Of The Year Grammy winner) has entered the mashup game too.

Arcade Fire’s Win Butler, frontman and occasional DJ (DJ Windows 98) has combined Kanye’s “Jesus Walks” and Beck’s “Loser” after recently tweeting some brief thoughts on the state of the music industry at large:

Mashups apparently aren’t part of the problem either, so listen below.

[Photo by Brad Barket/Getty Images.]