Pharrell Turning “Happy” Into A Children’s Book

Pharrell’s ubiquitous posi-vibes anthem has wriggled its way into a whole new medium — “Happy” will now grace the shelves of bookstores and libraries as a children’s book. Since the song was originally written for Despicable Me 2, which is a children’s movie, it follows that turning the song itself into an affirming story for kids would work well. After all, “Happy” is probably the most well-known thing about Despicable Me 2 at this point.

The publishing deal for the book comes through Putnam, who said that it will be one of four in a series with Pharrell. The publishing company announced today that the book version of “Happy” will come out September 22 and will feature children from all over the world “celebrating what it means to be happy.” The initial run for the book is 250,000.

I’m voting that next in line we get a book about manners that interpolates “Excuse Me Miss” — I would definitely let my kids read that.

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