Kossisko – “This May Be Me” Video

The Bay Area rapper 100s released two great mixtapes of nasty, hard-as-fuck pimp-rap, 2012’s Ice Cold Perm and last year’s IVRY. Apparently, though, there was a new-wave singer hiding under that luxurious hair, just waiting to get out. 100s has now changed both his name and his sound. He’s going by Kossisko now, and he’s reinvented himself as a brooding, gothic synthpop singer. His new single “This May Be Me” has exactly zero rapping on it. Instead, it’s a darkly shimmering synthpop tune with a guitar-solo eruption and a ton of forbidding atmosphere. Kossisko cites the Sisters Of Mercy and Billy Idol as inspirations, and his new “This May Be Me” video, from director Adam Tillman-Young, is nothing but him singing in tight close-up while bathed in red light. Check it out below.

(via FADER)

“This May Be Me” is for sale at iTunes right now.