Yung – “Nobody Cares” Video

When I see the word Yung, I usually assume it has something to do with rap slang, but that is definitely not the case for the Danish quartet who chose it as their name. They only have one song out, but “Nobody Cares,” from their upcoming release Alter, is memorable and savage enough that they might shift the whole conception of the word on their own strength. Yung have now released a very DIY, grainy video to accompany the song. The music starts off calmly enough, like an early Strokes song maybe, before whipping itself into a brick-through-window frenzy. The emotional shifts are reflected instantaneously in the video’s switch from quiet landscapes to frazzled screens, shots of the band performing and smoking teenagers. The home-video style of the clip helps make the fury feel accessible, not angry. Sometimes you gotta get mad just for the joy of raging, you know? Watch it below.

Alter is out 3/2 on Tough Love. Pre-order it here on transparent red vinyl.

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