Jack White – “That Black Bat Licorice” Interactive Video

Jack White’s solo album Lazaretto is nearly a year old now, and it hasn’t run out of steam yet. White just made a new video for “That Black Bat Licorice,” the unhinged rocker he played on The Tonight Show earlier this month. Or, rather, he made three different videos for the song. And thanks to a new interactive-video setup, you can flip between the three videos as the song plays. If you just hit play, you’ll see a surreal animated video from director James Blagden. It has White attempting to romance an Egyptian queen, White cutting out his own tongue, and dancing bats. For most people, that would be enough. But if you hold down the “3” key, you’ll also see a moody live-action video that White directed himself. And if you hold down the “B” key, you’ll see another live-action video, this one from director Brad Holland, that’s just slow-mo footage of people headbanging. Check out the full experience below.

Lazaretto is out now on Third Man/Columbia.

UPDATE: Here’s the animated version.