Stream Diet Cig Over Easy EP

We named Diet Cig our first Band To Watch of 2015, which could be considered presumptuous since the New Paltz duo hadn’t officially released a single until the feature was published. The lack of footprint didn’t matter, because Diet Cig is the kind of band that you want to believe in the minute that Alex Luciano’s bare-boned and biting lyrics find their way under your skin and into your heart. Her sneering vocal performance makes you feel self-righteous even when there’s no need to be. A lot of us have exes with high-achieving new prospects (“Harvard“), a lot of us get bored hanging out with dudes who can’t stop talking about their band (“Scene Sick“). Sometimes, your heart gets trampled on by one of those dudes, which Luciano explores on “Cardboard”: “I didn’t go to your show/ The thought of seeing you depressed me too much to go/ I smell like cigarettes and last night’s booze/ And I hate everybody here but that’s no excuse.” There’s a unique form of simpering outrage to be found on Over Easy, and it’s so captivating that it doesn’t matter that all five songs adhere to a variation of the same opening riff. Diet Cig are a newborn band who have already carved out plenty of space for themselves to grow. Here’s to whatever comes next. In the meantime, there’s a lot to appreciate about Over Easy below.

Over Easy is available now via Father/Daughter.

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