Algiers – “But She Was Not Flying”

Algiers is gospel spook. It’s both the demons barely held at bay in the darkness outside a chapel’s golden-lit double doors and the preacher gesticulating from the pulpit. It’s sin and holy water simmering to a boil, Franklin James Fisher’s voice erupting as the steam off the top. “But She Was Not Flying” is a militant post-punk chant skewered with an overly-passionate worshipper’s tambourine then muscled to the altar of no wave and forced to bow in prayer. Imagine if Willis Earl Beal was infuriated instead of sad, haunted an organ instead of a karaoke machine, and ironically quoted Biblical aphorisms with the faux-smugness of a Pharisee. That’s Algiers. Listen below, and become possessed.

Algiers will be out later this year via Matador.

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