You Can Fund Ugly Kid Joe’s 1st Album In 19 Years By Buying Handwritten “Everything About You” Lyrics For $229

Joining the slew of legacy bands that have resurfaced after lengthy a hiatus, Ugly Kid Joe are going to release their first album in 19 years. Like many others, they are launching a PledgeMusic campaign to enlist fans’ help in funding the record. The album is fittingly titled Uglier Than They Used Ta Be, and fans can purchase everything from signed CDS to vinyl to a shout out in the album liner notes. Also, the handwritten lyrics to “Everything About You” are selling for $229.

Whitfield Crane of Ugly Kid Joe has also teamed with Another Animal guitarist Lee Richards for the side project Richards/Crane, and they’re seeking funding for that band as well. Both acts will be touring this fall in the UK. You can check out all the items for sale to support the full PledgeMusic campaign here, and you can watch Whitfield Crane talk about the two campaigns here. In case you need a refresher after 19 years, watch the once inescapable “Everything About You” video below.