Hear Kevin Morby Cover Bob Dylan, The Germs, & Silver Jews For Aquarium Drunkard

Kevin Morby has been a member of two of my favorite bands, Babies and Woods, but his solo work is just as compelling as any collaboration. In that vein, he did three incredible covers for Aquarium Drunkard prior to his upcoming week-long tour with Jessica Pratt. While he was at it, Morby also offered up personal details to accompany each cover. Weirdly enough, this is one of my all-time favorite Dylan songs (Morby had never heard it!) so you should definitely listen closely. Check out the Dylan cover below, and head to Aquarium Drunkard to hear the other two.

Kevin Morby – “Tonight I’ll Be Staying Here With You” (Bob Dylan Cover)

My girlfriend and I had our neighbors and friends Kyle and Amy over for dinner a few months ago. Kyle (King Tuff) was playing around on one of my guitars towards the end of the night (the dude knows how to play every song ever) and ended the night with “Tonight Ill Be Staying Here With You” by Bob Dylan. I had never heard this Dylan song before, which was surprising, because in case you can’t tell by listening to my own music – I’m obsessed with the guy. But it made sense, as the song is off of Nashville Skyline, an album that, for whatever reason, I had always had an aversion to. I also like to space my Dylan albums out as far as possible, and save them for a rainy month. Anyways, Kyle and my girlfriend scolded me for not knowing the song – or the album – all that well, and then they both forced me to listen to it over and over and now I’m of course obsessed. I recorded all these songs right after having woken up and sitting at my kitchen table right into my phone. I like singing first thing in the day, it gets the dirt in and out of the vocal chords. This one syncs up with the tea kettle starting to whistle.