How Is Everyone’s Day Today?

STOMP ON THEIR HANDS! Before I get too far ahead of myself: we didn’t do a “How Was Everyone’s Day Today?” post yesterday because I forgot. Uh-oh. I guess you’re going to have to sue me about it? Send it to Heaven c/o MY GRAVE. (Send the sue to Heaven?) Anyway, there is no rule that says we can’t just do one right now during the daytime, so let’s do it. How is your day going? Are you having a nice lunch? Did you get pranked by a Walking Dead advertisement on the street, while you were just trying to get to work or run an errand, that was meant to make you look foolish as if it were anything other than completely appropriate to be scared about a bunch of bloody hands grabbing at your legs from the fucking sewer? Ugh. CALL THE POLICE! Even after I understood that this was an advertisement prank, I’d like to think that in this situation I would still immediately call the police. “Police? A television station is terrorizing and physically violating residents of New York City in order to advertise a mega shitty, ultra stupid zombie show that literally everyone already knows about and hates. You need to come here right now and arrest them or I’m going to do it myself. OVER AND OUT.” F this prank. How is your day going, though? Good? (Via Gothamist.)