The World Keeps On Turning, George Clooney Keeps On Pranking

It’s a tired old human thing (me, I am) to feel somewhat confused after something big happens in your life, and everyone else continues to carry on with their own lives as if you were never their number one priority. Someone close to you dies and you walk outside and see a neighbor washing her car, as if she was living in a world in which that person were still alive. You and your boyfriend break up and you call him a few hours later and he’s at a pizza restaurant. You break your toe and literally no one cares or wants to hear about it or wants to look at it, or even just the picture you took of it. It’s always kind of jarring, and never feels particularly good, but maybe we should be taking more comfort in these moments than we’re first inclined to. Matt Damon appeared on Letterman last night and told a story about one of prankmaster George Clooney’s classic pranks — this one involving Tina Fey and Amy Poehler — giving the impression that George Clooney will continue tirelessly pranking other grown adult A-list celebrities, even if we, also adults, are not here to tirelessly document it. We could easily feel down about this, taking it as a reminder of the forum we’re losing. Or we could look at it as evidence of the resilience of the human spirit. Certainly the woman washing her car has had someone die in her past, and here she is, washing her car. Certainly that boyfriend is devastated that he lost the best thing he will ever have in his entire life, and yet here he is, eating pizza. Certainly all of your friends will break their toes someday, and see if you care about it. Certainly a blog that George Clooney liked ended after many wonderful years, and still with the pranks, this guy! (Right? All of this text was worth it? I’m VERY tired.) As they say, “Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because George Clooney will for sure continue to pull time and money-wasting pranks on other celebrities, which they will then recount on talk shows, almost certainly until his own death and probably with increasing frequency as he ages.” Amen.

Ugh. What a nightmare! I’M SO GLAD WE AREN’T FRIENDS WITH GEORGE CLOONEY! (Thanks for the tip, Flanny!)


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