The Petting Zoo: The Week’s Top 10 Animal Videos

The Petting Zoo: The Week’s Top 10 Animal Videos

The Petting Zoo began, two years ago or however long it’s been, because Gabe told me I was posting too many animal videos and that I was to be further limited to one animal video post per week. Hahaha. That old dead grump, I miss him and his fair and pretty much correct assessments of how many animal videos one blog needs! So then I thought, “How can I fit the number of animal videos I actually want to post per week into the one post to which I am limited?” And then I thought, “Oh, a list.” It’s fascinating how minds work. And, hey, it’s almost kind of lucky for you that this is Videogum’s last week, because otherwise you would have never gotten to know that exciting little piece of blog history! There is always a silver lining(s cosplaybook), you just have to find it. Anyway, lots of animals met snow for the first time recently, INCLUDING A POLAR BEAR CUB, so let’s go watch them do that! And also other things! Come on! COME ON, WE NEED IT AND DESERVE IT!

10. Yes? Okay

9. Molly Moo’s Snow Day

8. Dog Is Amped On Tennis

7. Playing With Baby Wombats

6. Beagle Would Really Like That Water Bottle

5. Shocked, Clean Hamster

4. Zoo Employees Chill With Tiger Cub


2. Two Sweet Friends

1. Polar Bear Cub Introduced To Snow For The First Time

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