Do You Guys Want To Talk About Sherlock?

Listen, I hate to interrupt the funeral, but how about let’s open a few windows in here and let some of this death stink out. (Good tip: people LOVE when you say this at actual funerals.) (I would hate to leave you without imparting all of the knowledge that I can, so, that is tip one. Tip two is don’t do the trick where you hit the avocado seed with a knife to remove it. It’s not worth it!) There was a bit of murmuring yesterday about wanting to discuss Sherlock (very rude, SHOW SOME RESPECT), so, want to do that? Unfortunately, I have nothing to say about it because I haven’t watched the last two episodes and I already said what I wanted to say about the first one. Hahah. WANT 2 TALK ABOUT A THING I DON’T KNOW ABOUT? It’s weird to me that they release those episodes as if it is just some crumbum normal show and not the three best movies you’re going to see all year. How about spread those things out? (“How about spread those things out?” is also something that people love when you say to them IRL.) If I were in charge, I would put one episode of Sherlock on TV every three weeks and it would be on Sunday morning at 10:30 AM. Then you could plan to have that morning free, wake up at 9, get some fresh air, take a shower, make breakfast, and then watch Sherlock while eating chocolate chip pancakes or whatever. UH DOY. It’s insane that I have not already been hired to make the scheduling decisions at PBS. But anyway. Sherlock season three? Love it? Hate it? Two thumbs way down? Will never look at Benedict Cumberbatch the same way again? Wish you knew him so you could straight up barf on him? Hmmm?