Yes, We Are Going To Watch “MORE SAND!” At Least One More Time

Very often when I would tell people what I do for a living, they would pause and say something like, “Man. Watching viral videos all day? That’s the best job ever!” Or something. Because generally people are nice and you literally have to fill conversation somehow, because standing and staring blankly at someone after they just said something to you never seems particularly acceptable. And then I would say, “Yes it is.” The end. Hahah. NO, JUST KIDDING. I would say, “Yes it is. I wish all doctors were bloggers, and also all teachers and firemen.” JK JK JK JK. I would say some combination of yes it is and no it isn’t and then change the subject. The end. Man, lotta jokes this morning! Very funny. Very, very funny blog. But — well, whatever. I was going to ramble on about viral videos and garbage and jobs, but it was 100% just going to be to have the opportunity to say that watching “MORE SAND!” all day every day would ACTUALLY be the best job ever. Which isn’t even true? That would be a nightmare, and it would ruin the ONE PERFECT THING THIS DARK, SCARY WORLD HAS EVER GIVEN US! So, in conclusion: more sand. I rest my case.

Love you! (Via Videogum.)