How Was Everyone’s Day Today?

How was your day today? Are you still reeling from when Barack Obama said Mad Men during the State of the Union last night? That guy should have just gone up there and said the names of a few television shows, then said a few first names (“Kelly [pause] Brian [pause] Jessica [pause] Jordan [pause]”), and gotten off the stage! Could you imagine if he said your favorite television show and THEN said your name? What a hit that speech would’ve been! Anyway, how else are you? Sleepy? Happy? Bad? Good? Looking forward to another episode of Broad City on Comedy Central tonight? Looking forward to starting True Detective, which for whatever reason you haven’t yet started watching? Whatever you’re feeling, you are in no way feeling anywhere near as alive as Happiness Master Leonardo DiCaprio felt on the red carpet at the Tokyo premiere of Wolf Of Wall Street. “CHEEEEEESE!” Hahah. I know nobody has their mouth open in the picture, but I do think that that is what Leonardo DiCaprio was thinking. “CHEEEEESE!” Enough about him, though. What are you thinking? HOW WAS YOUR DAY? (Image via BuzzFeed.)