Unfortunately, This Is Not Exactly The Worst Proposal Ever

Tirelessly documenting public marriage proposals is not an easy, worthwhile, or in any way enjoyable job, but it does afford you a certain depth of knowledge that others may not reach. For instance, others may look at this public marriage proposal — recorded on a police dash-cam — and think, “Wow. This guy had the police fake arrest him while his girlfriend cried hysterically outside of their vehicle, scared for the man she loves and worried about what the issue might be, and then, while she was still scared and crying, he proposed to her, only to then reveal that the terrifying proposal was in front of her friends and family, and later in front of everyone because he uploaded the dash-cam video to the Internet and conducted interviews with difference news sources to say that he got the idea because he and his now-fiancé met in jail after being busted for underage drinking. How awful! This is the worst proposal ever!” But those people would, at least on that last count, be incorrect. First, because this is the worst proposal ever. And second, because:

SO MANY OTHER LUNATICS HAVE DONE THE SAME AWFUL THING! AND THIS IS JUST PAGE ONE OF THE YOUTUBE RESULTS, PRE-SCROLL! Public marriage proposals during which either one or both of the marrying parties get fake arrested are, unfortunately, in this world that we live in, somehow a dime a dozen. But this is this couple’s fake arrest public marriage proposal. There are many like it, but this one is theirs:

Nope, not the worst! Just ONE OF the worst! Better luck next time! (Thanks for the tip, R2D2, Esq.!)