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If you are a person who watches the Grammys, which you very well may not be, that would more than make sense, but IF YOU ARE: Why not watch the Grammys with me and Stereogum this Sunday? It’ll be over at Stereogum’s house. It’ll be fun! Loose invite, no pressure. Okay, see you next week, BYEEE!

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This Week’s Highest Rated Comments

#5 topknot | Jan 23rd Score:25
One Flu Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
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#4 truckasaurus | Jan 21st Score:25


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#3 old man fatima | Jan 22nd Score:26
I got a new job (sorry to piggyback on your news, Ash!!), and it pays decent and lets me work from home and set my own hours and I already love it! I’ll get to spend the day with my dog and cat, which means I can have a social life as I’m not commuting 45 mins home to walk the dog, and then having to drive 30 mins back to town and feeling guilty about leaving her alone all day long! Yay!!!

I also have a new man. Dream man turned out to be a bit scary, has a bit of a temper, said he never wanted to be apart from me because he has no way of knowing that I’m not bringing guys home if he isn’t there (ugh), and told me I don’t count as a Canadian because I’m an immigrant, so I broke up with him. Planned to be single for a bit, but a coworker introduced me to this gigantic dreamboat of a nerd and we’ve had two dates. We talked Lovecraft and Pratchett and Doctor Who and Noam Chomsky and he is 6’5? and does historical re-enactments (lololol)(NEEEEEERRRRRRD) and is tv-and-movie-nerd handsome. We’re going to see I, Frankenstein this weekend, which looks terrible, and he wants to bring me to meet his friends for their weekly board games and pot luck night on Monday, which I’m pretty solidly in favour of.

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#2 topknot | Jan 23rd Score:28
The Dayquil After Tomorrow
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Ashleigh Byrne | Jan 22nd Score:28
I got a JOB!!! but now i have to wear pants every day???
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[Ed. Note: Congratulations on all of your new jobs! How wonderful! Great work! Have a wonderful weekend!]

This Week’s Lowest Rated Comments

#1 facetaco | Jan 22nd Score:-21
I know what the surprise is! Spoiler alert:
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This Week’s Caption Contest Winner

Ian | Jan 21st Score:15
For Homer this is himself as a potato a self potato if you will
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[Ed. Note: Congratulations, Ian. You earned it!]

This Week’s Editor’s Choice

pickpocket | Jan 21st Score:24


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[Ed. Note: This was a good guess, I can’t wait to see who was right!]