This Week In Movie Trailers, You Guys

Earlier this week, it seemed as though a trailer for Maleficent had been released, but it now looks like that trailer has been removed from all sources. So if you waited to watch it because you wanted to watch it here, like a family, well, I have to apologize. You can’t! You can watch some other trailers, though! Okay? Other trailers? Does that sound good? Better Living Through Chemistry? The Raid 2? Huh? Okay, great, let’s go!

Better Living Through Chemistry

Hmmm. While I love Sam Rockwell and certainly enjoy Olivia Wilde, Better Living Through Chemistry seems — at least from this trailer — like a movie that could have been quirky and fun enough to be enjoyable, but ultimately comes off tired and forgettable. Unfortunately, this seems like the kind of movie that Sam Rockwell and Olivia Wilde, when they’re in leading roles, are often stuck with. Why? Those guys are great! Let them be great!

The Babadook

WHO READS A BABY A SCARY STORY LIKE THAT, ESPECIALLY AFTER HIS FATHER DIED?! Rude. What a rude mom. Stories like this, even when they’re fictional (LOL) (mostly they’re not fictional, I hear about LOTS of very true ghost stories), remind me of that This American Life episode about the family that believes their house is haunted, only to find that everything they experience was accounted for by a carbon monoxide leak. That is a great story. Maybe this mom should just check to see if they have a carbon monoxide leak? Anyway, this movie looks good, I want to see this movie.

The Raid 2

People are loving this movie, but it seems far too gruesome for me. SRY.

Child of God

Is James Franco a good director? I honestly don’t know. He directed three things this year, this movie based on the Cormac McCarthy novel, Interior. Leather Bar. and As I Lay Dying, but I haven’t heard much talk about his work in any of them. This trailer looks kind of amaturish and not particularly great. I don’t know!